Archive: Heimer Hampshires Proven Sow Sale :: The Ones That Built The Brand 06/20/17
Conducted: AUCTION CLOSED TUESDAY, JUNE 20, 2017 -- 8 AM - 9 PM ET (8 PM CT)
Location: Invoices emailed out at 3:04 AM ET Wednesday, June 21, 2017.

Questions on how to bid, after auction invoicing, or how to make a payment? Email or call The Wendt Group office at 614-403-0726.

Consignor Information:
Heimer Hampshires
555 Birch Lane
Taylor, MO 63471
Jesse Heimer :: 217-257-0138 or via email at
Brent Boland :: 660-631-5379
Karl Peter :: 217-653-3941
For more information, visit Heimer Hampshires website!

Herd health is under the supervision of Dr. Steve Patterson DVM. Any concerns or questions directly related to vaccination protocol, herd status, or overall herd health can be directed to Dr. Patterson at 573-588-2130 or

The offering will be available for viewing at the farm starting June 11th. Please schedule an appointment for viewing with Karl Peter or Jesse Heimer. Stay tuned for details about a tentative Open House at the farm, prior to the sale.

Heimer Hampshires reserves the right to collect DNA samples, for cloning purposes, on all animals selling in this sale.

ALL sows that sell OPEN are eligible to complimentary semen from HH Herd boars for their initial litter. Open sows can remain at HH to be bred to HH boars or HH will ship semen to the buyer. **Buyer is responsible for any shipping costs associated with semen. BRED Sows in this sale that sell for $5,000+ are eligible for two doses of semen from HH Herd boars for their next litter. Semen is subject to availability and only boars housed at HH are available for this promotion. **Buyer is responsible for any shipping costs association with semen.

All sows with due date and service sire will sell bred unless otherwise noted on sale day. Sows listed as bred are guaranteed to be carrying a litter. All exposed sows will be confirmed pregnant by ultrasound prior to the sale by a licenses veterinarian. Sows listed open are guaranteed to breed. Many of the open sows have not been bred due to their rotation and/or intentionally held open for a later service for a higher value litter. Not every picture is a reflection of current gestation. All of the purebreds in this offering are registered and pedigrees will be transferred following the sale.


Welcome to the 2017 edition of “The Ones that Built the Brand!” It’s been over ten years since we bought a few gilts and decided to give the showpig business a try and wow – what a ride it’s been! This business is certainly challenging and an all-consuming way of life, but there isn’t enough space on this page or in this catalog to describe how rewarding this lifestyle is.

I am often asked about the ‘state of the industry’ or ‘where we’re headed’ and I’ll simply say this: I believe we have a vibrant industry that is providing experiences and opportunities for more folks than many ever dreamed were possible. I believe our industry is still on the rise and as long as families choose to spend their weekends and vacations showing, we will continue to see increased demand for showpigs. Fortunately for breeders, more parents than ever have recognized the value of junior livestock programs and I believe it’s their overwhelming desire for their kids to experience the #stockshowlife that continues to fuel the growth of this industry. The showpig industry is alive and well, but we all must do our part to keep it sustainable.

Last year, we released a series of videos on social media to shed positive light on the junior livestock program. We are very appreciative to everyone who liked, commented and most importantly, shared those videos. Now more than ever, I believe we have a collective responsibility to remind ourselves and those around us why this program is not only important for our young people, but also critically important for the future of Agriculture.

In 2015, many of you asked why we were selling so many sows and when you browse through this offering you’re likely to ask the same question again. It’s a fair question. The truth is this and its really quite simple: we have made it our mission to stay committed to our breeding program. Since the very beginning we have remained very devoted to growth and progress through gilt retention and we do not plan to abandon that approach. We constantly make breeding decisions to make the next generation better and if we are going to look forward and work with the next crop, we want you to have our best while they are still relevant. We aren’t going anywhere; in fact, we more focused than ever in our pursuit to make pigs for the showring that can compete at the highest level. Our expectations for our sows are high because buyers expect the best and we are extremely proud of what these sows have accomplished for our customers across the country.

In closing, these are the proven sows that have earned their spot on the hill and in the pages to follow we do our best to tell you why. There are many thrills in this business but for this breeder, nothing beats the sense of accomplishment you feel when you play a role in helping a family reach their goal of winning. These sows have built our brand, they have paid for progress and they have helped put smiles on the faces of countless young people from coast to coast. On June 20th, we invite you to join us as we offer our best and most proven generators. Thanks for reading!

Highlights: 81 lots at $5214 to 18 states: AR, AZ, CA, CO, IA, IL, IN, MD, MN, MO, ND, NE, OH, OK, PA, SD, TX, and WI.

Offering a powerful set of proven showpig-producing sows and boars!


**ATTENTION: Kimberlee Schlabach will coordinate ALL pickups & delivery. Please contact Kimberlee before the sale if these options do not work for you. If you purchase something in the sale, please contact Kimberlee by phone or text on Wednesday at 573-721-4455 or she will contact you. ALL PICKUP AND DELIVERY MUST BE COORDINATED WITH KIMBERLEE!!

SOUTHWEST DELIVERY – Trailer leaving Friday 6/23 OR Saturday 6/24 *weather permitting
1. Cameron, MO :: Hwy 36 & I 35
2. Ottawa, KS :: Love's I 35
3. Wichita, KS :: Flying J I 35
4. Stillwater, OK :: Cowboy Truck Plaza I 35
5. OKC :: Flying J *Frontier City I 35
6. Norman, OK :: Riverwind Casino I 35
7. Ardmore, OK :: Flying J I 35
8. Gainesville, TX :: Rumpy’s
9. Potentially further south depending on NEED
10. Other stops available along I 35

WEST COAST DELIVERY – BOB MAY LIVESTOCK 530-200-0866 - Friday, 6/23 *weather permitting
1. Bob May Livestock will be handling West Coast delivery, including the Texas Panhandle on I40 through Amarillo.
2. Contact Bob for exact route and rate
3. Departure time will be weather dependent on 6/22 or 6/23

EASTERN DELIVERY – Trailer leaving Monday 6/26 or Tuesday 6/27 *weather permitting
1. Springfield, IL
2. Champaign, IL
3. Crawfordsville, IN
4. Greenfield, IN
5. Richmond, IN
6. Dayton, OH
7. Potentially further east depending on NEED

ADDITIONAL EAST DELIVERY via Trent Lahr at 260-366-3138

ADDITIONAL TEXAS DELIVERY via Riggin Barham at 903-229-2334

NORTHWEST DELIVERY via Ed Krische at 541-778-2314

DELIVERY AVAILABLE TO CPS STC / TEAM PUREBRED EVENT – Springfield, IL on Friday June 30th & Saturday, July 1st

DELIVERY AVAILBLE TO NSR STC / NJSS – Louisville, KY on Friday July 7th & Saturday July 8th

We will make every effort to accommodate your delivery needs and deliver these sows and boars in a timely fashion. Weather, specifically summer heat, will be a major point of consideration as we evaluate when and how we get everything delivered. We appreciate your patience and understanding. Note, we are also selling pigs on June 22nd and plan to coordinate delivery to accommodate buyers for both sales.

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Categories: ALL ITEMS (96) - BERKSHIRE (9) - CROSSBRED (59) - DUROC (1) - HAMPSHIRE (10) - YORKSHIRE (7) - BOAR (7) - REFERENCE SOW (3)
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*PRIOR TO 10 PM ET - 5 minutes extended bidding
*AFTER 10 PM ET - 3 minutes extended bidding
*AFTER 11 PM ET - 2 minutes extended bidding
*Auctioneer has the right to change the extended bidding increment to 1 minute - judgment call based on the number of bids per minute.

We encourage bidders to use the maximum bid feature throughout the duration of the auction to avoid clock management issues in your bidding procedures. This feature allows you to place a private maximum bid that only you will know and allow the computer to bid on your behalf when another bidder places a bid on the same lot you are seeking. Check out the bidder Frequently Asked Questions for more information.

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