National Swine Registry Seedstock EDGE Magazine Position Page Auction 10/24/17
Date & Time: AUCTION CLOSED, TUESDAY, OCTOBER 24, 2017 -- 8 AM - 7 PM ET (6 PM CT)
Location: Questions on how to bid? Visit the online auction tips above, email questions to or call The Wendt Group Office at 614-403-0726.

Why Advertise in Seedstock EDGE?
*Subscription list of more than 3,500 per issue
*June Youth Issue reaches almost 14,000 National Junior Swine Association (NJSA) members
*February/March (Spring) and September (Fall) Showpig issues include special mailings to FFA chapters in the Midwest and Southwest
*Subscribers in 48 states and Mexico receive Seedstock EDGE
*Seedstock EDGE is distributed at all NSR/NJSA shows and events, as well as several other major shows including: National Western Stock Show, San Antonio Livestock Expo, Fort Worth Stock Show, Houston Livestock Show, Oklahoma Youth Expo, American Royal, NAILE and Arizona National Livestock Show

Things to remember when bidding:
*Bidding is for the amount per issue (not per year) you are willing to pay as a premium above the regular cost of a contracted one page, four-color ad
-For example: You purchase the Inside Back Cover for $300. You would receive that spot in each issue of the Seedstock EDGE during 2018, and you would be billed the Loyal Advertiser Contracted rate for a one-page, four-color ad, $575, and the $300 position page premium for a total of $875 per issue.
*Winning bidders agree to run their ad in all nine issues of Seedstock EDGE
*Position page ad premiums will be billed with monthly Seedstock EDGE invoices
*If you purchase a position page you must run an advertisement in ALL NINE issues, and you may not give your position page to another advertiser. If you and a partner would like to purchase a page, that partner must be part of a recognized joint herdmark, for billing purposes, and both logos must appear on each ad.
*All position pages are four-color, one-page ads
*New position pages go into effect with January 2018 issue
*Bidding increments are $25
*For more information contact: Stephen Weintraut, NSR Director of Marketing & Communications 765-463-3594, x118.

Check out Seedstock EDGE for more information!

Highlights: Pick your spot, and stand out in the 2018 Seedstock EDGE! Vie for premium placement in the premier publication of the purebred swine industry. Pages up for grabs include: the back cover, inside front cover and many more! Don't miss this opportunity to stand out in all nine issues of the 2018 Seedstock EDGE!


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Notes: HORSE RACE AUCTION CLOSING FORMAT FOR THIS SALE! WHEN TIME EXPIRES, ALL LOTS ARE DECLARED SOLD! Extended bidding will continue until there is no bidding for the allotted time listed on the auction. You can always check the time remaining information that appears under each lot! REMEMBER TO CLICK ON REFRESH FOR UP-TO-DATE TIME REMAINING! For each auction, the extended bidding period varies based on the number of lots and overall duration of the auction.

**Example 1: Auction closes at 8 PM. There is no bidding from 7:55 PM to 8 PM. All lots are declared closed and the sale ends at 8 PM.
**Example 2: Auction closes at 8 PM. There is a bid placed at 7:57 PM. Auction is extended by 5 minutes. No more bidding occurs. All lots are declared closed and the sale ends at 8:02 PM.
**Example 3: Auction closes at 8 PM. There is a bid placed at 7:57 PM. Auction is extended by 5 minutes until 8:02 PM. Another bid is placed at 8:01 PM. No more bids are placed. All lots are declared closed and the sale ends at 8:06 PM. Please note the above time schedule is a sample and may or may not match the actual ending times.

*PRIOR TO 10 PM EDT - 5 minutes extended bidding
*AFTER 10 PM EDT - 3 minutes extended bidding
*AFTER 11 PM EDT - 2 minutes extended bidding
*Auctioneer has the right to change the extended bidding increment to 1 minute - judgment call based on the number of bids per minute.

We encourage bidders to use the maximum bid feature throughout the duration of the auction to avoid clock management issues in your bidding procedures. This feature allows you to place a private maximum bid that only you will know and allow the computer to bid on your behalf when another bidder places a bid on the same lot you are seeking. Check out the bidder Frequently Asked Questions for more information.

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Terms: PAYMENT: No payment is required immediately to win any of the Premium Ad Position lots. The winning bid amount for the Premium Ad Position will be added to the total ad price for each advertiser and included on their regular Seedstock EDGE advertising invoice.

ADVERTISING CONTRACT: Bidding on a Premium Ad Position lot signifies agreement to paying the premium for placement in addition to the normal price of a 4-color, full-page contracted advertisement for ALL NINE ISSUES of 2018. By purchasing a position page, you’re agreeing to these advertising terms and will not forfeit your position to any other advertiser.

INVOICE STATEMENT: An invoice statement recording the final price of the winning bid for each Premium Ad Position lot will be e-mailed to each buyer's registered e-mail address at the close of bidding. This invoice statement is for informational purposes only. Buyers do not need to submit payment, but will instead be billed for the Premium Ad Position along with the regular cost of the ad with their regular Seedstock EDGE advertising invoice.

PHONE BIDDING: Any advertiser interested in bidding on the lot items by phone instead of registering online can call Clay Zwilling at 309-582-4808 (cell), Mike Paul at 765-427-2692 (cell) or the National Swine Registry at 765-463-3594. NSR staff will take your bid and enter it into the online system for you.

For more information, visit our TERMS AND CONDITIONS specific to each auction.

Directions: If you are unable to bid during the auction please contact The Wendt Group office at 614-403-0726 and the staff will place an absentee bid for you.
Contact: The Wendt Group, Inc. Kevin Wendt, Auctioneer
121 Jackson Street
Plain City OH 43064
Phone: Office: 614-403-0726
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