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Registration for online bidding is now open. Only registered bidders over the age of 18 or minors with the supervision of a parent or guardian will be allowed to participate. You will need to become familiar with the TERMS AND CONDITIONS specific to this auction before registration will be completed and a buyer number issued.

A 10% buyer's premium is in effect for this auction and will be added to the final auction bid to determine the actual final auction sale price. Example $750 auction bid = $825 final purchase price.

You will submit your information below including email address, password, name, mailing address, cell phone, and a valid credit card, which are all required to verify your account and qualify you as a bidder. Once you are approved we will send you an e-mail notification with your bid number authorizing you to bid on any items in this auction. This verification should come within shortly after registration.

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Please remember your password and bid number for future auctions. If you have participated in our online auctions before you may use the same bid number and password; however, please update your profile adding valid credit card information and up to date contact information.

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